Thursday, May 16, 2019

Projects at Poppy's

Projects at Poppy's. So, in between pricing gift items, processing books, straightening shelves, planting flowers, entering accounting data and the usual chores for Dad, sometimes I get to knit, crochet or even spin.

Super Fine Blanket Sampler by Marken of The Hat and I
My cousin Amy and I have each been working on this lovely blanket, made with Patons North America Kroy Sock FX yarn. Or I may have some other Patons sock yarn mixed in there. Once you get the very easy pattern figured out, it's great listening to podcast or audio books work.

Fingerless mitts (my pattern) in Atlantic Breeze Alpaca blend yarns
I have some lovely yarns from Atlantic Breeze Alpacas and I've been whipping up these samples to show how nice the yarns looks in a finished object from a couple of partial balls that Sandra included when she brought the yarn in. There's only a little of that deep burgundy left!

Dreamin' of Tulips from Think Outside the Sox in Sock-ease yarn
Don't anyone faint. Yes, I don't do socks, and yes, this is a sock. I can't imagine what got into me. The pattern is an easy one that was jazzed up in the original with color changes. I'm just going along with this subtle stripe and so far I'm pleased with the effect.

Merino wool on the Haldane upright wheel
I finally got a chance to bring the spinning wheel up but I haven't gotten a lot of spinning done yet because I need to bring a better chair. I hope to ply this nice burgundy with some dyed angora or a blend to give it some punch.

But right now it's a beautiful day and between customers, I think I'll go plant some gladiolas!

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