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Welcome to Poppy's! Here's a look at our sweet little shop in Meadows of Dan, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our summer hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, Thursday thru Monday.

Beautiful Meadows of Dan, Virginia
In 2005 I opened a little book store in this quaint little building at 10 Concord Road under the name Greenberry House. My partner and I had antiquarian and used books and lots of vintage items crammed into two rooms of the shop as the landlord had an apartment set up in the back of the building. I also had a small corner of the shop for my handspun yarns and for spinning fiber. Eventually the yarn overwhelmed a lot of the shop and we became a yarn and book store. Life got complicated and due to changes and deaths, I had to move out of the shop in 2011.

Fast forward eight years, after moving the shop several times, I'm back to the little place at the corner of Concord Road and Squirrel Spur Road! The shop has a new name, Poppy's, and has expanded with wonderful lines of gifts, alpaca products, vintage items and I still have books and locally produced yarns and spinning fibers.

Photo by Kristen Lawson
My quality book selection is extensive and I continue to add more titles. To see just a few of the books in the collection visit our online book catalog. I have everything from fiction to children's books to books on religion and folklore, but my specialty is biography and history. Some inexpensive editions of some popular children's titles featuring the Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden are also available here at the shop. More about the books and book reviews can be found here.

Photo by Kristen Lawson
Sandra Hooper of The Alpaca Home Store has created an alpaca wonderland here at  the shop with a full room of quality alpaca garments, socks, toys, accessories, felted soaps and so much more. She also has some elegant home d├ęcor gifts and some amazing handmade items. You'll find more description and pictures on our Alpaca Products page.

Local hand spun and hand dyed yarn
Greenberry House still lives on in my handspun yarns and spinning fibers. I have about twelve other spinners in the area that sell their yarns through the shop as well. Our yarns are amazing for the simplest projects and the fine wools, which are not harshly processed like commercial wools, are next to the skin soft. We sometimes have a few fleeces for processing and we also have roving or batts. Great for hand spinning or felting. Find out more on our Local Yarn and Spinning Fiber page.

Photo by Kristen Lawson
An eclectic blend of old and new, vintage and unique, will greet you when you come into Poppy's. Our marvelous designers offer interesting gifts that are either fair trade or American made and many are hand made as well. There is a nice selection of jewelry, vintage china, classic linen towels, beautiful note cards, entertaining magnets, felted mobiles and much more. Check out our Specialty Gifts page for more details.

Photo by Kristen Lawson
It takes so many people to put together a huge project like this and I've had an incredible amount of help from the community. Friends Amy, Beth, Kathleen and Fran wiped down nearly 2,000 books and helped haul them up here to the shop, while Amy, Kathleen, Peter and Karen worked hard getting all the furniture and fixtures moved and in place. We couldn't have done it without Amy and her intrepid trailering skills. My quiet tall uncle who can fix just about anything worked so hard on the building getting it into shape and friend Tim tackled a large project that seriously needed attention. Tim also keeps the yard mowed and trimmed. Kristen (pictured above), Sara and Sharon are my stalwart storekeepers during the two hours each day that I spend tending to Dad and his lunch and they will greet you with smiles when you come in. I wouldn't even have attempted this project without the support of Sandra and her wonderful alpaca merchandise and all her hard work setting that up and her wonderful eye for display pieces.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone because I appreciate all the help!

Tree of Life Barn Quilt
Poppy's is quite proud to have a place on the Patrick County Barn Quilt Trail. I chose this tree of life motif because it has a lot of meaning to me and represents my deep roots in this mountain community and my hope for the future. As always, I'm all about the color. I took a workshop to paint the quilt that was sponsored by the Reynolds Homestead. This was my first barn quilt and will probably be my last. Check out all the beautiful ones along the trail, though. There is some amazing work!

To learn more about resident artisan Leslie Shelor and about our animals, our projects and other news here at Poppy's, visit our other pages found on the sidebar!

Poppy's, 10 Concord Road, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM Thursday through Monday.

For our online vintage catalog please visit Scraps of American History.
For our online book catalog please visit our Biblio.com listings.
For our alpaca products online please visit The Alpaca Home Store.