Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spinning and Setting Up Shop

Shetland wool dyed in deep purple shades and then hand spun
We have had a marvelously busy spring, setting up the new shop and spinning away the hours in the sunshine. I just finished three skeins of beautiful Shetland wool and posted it to the online shop this morning. Shetland is one of my favorite fibers and this lovely wool was a dream to spin. I'm not sure where the fleece came from but it was supplied by a local farmer. The picture doesn't do justice to the depth of color.

Tunis wool hand dyed and then spun, then Navajo plied.
This Tunis skein is part of a special order spinning project. I loved the colors when I carded up the batt and the customer, who is a great knitter, decided she would like me to spin some yarn. I really enjoyed working with this Tunis wool from a local farmer. I experimented with a long color progression this time, something I can't usually achieve with my dye techniques. There are three skeins, so if the customer doesn't buy all of them, I will be posting what is left for sale on the web site.

I hope to post some pictures soon of the new shop and how things are shaping up there, but come see us if you can!