Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Many new books and lots of yarn!

One of over 1100 books we have catalogued in our online shop
The fun thing about summer at the shop is delving into the many boxes of books and getting them catalogued, priced and ready for sale. Check out our online shop for many vintage and unusual titles!

We also have some beautiful new yarns from our local handspinners. I've been working on some angora singles from the rabbits that now live here at Greenberry House. Quark and Quentin are very happy in their snug bunny house.

Beautiful bulky hand spun yarns
Elegant hand spun yarn

Baby Clara likes grazing with her mama, but sometimes she wants to be a lap goat!

Little Clara is growing like a weed but still has plenty of energy to romp. She and Mama Rose don't like the rainy days we've had lately and they will enjoy the sunshine when it returns.

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