Saturday, October 15, 2016

Swinging into Fall

Mist across the pumpkin fields at Greenberry House
I know I post every year about how busy October can be here in Meadows of Dan, but it's an exciting time for the little businesses in our area and we appreciate all the visitors that come to see our beautiful mountain and the glories of fall color.

Wonderful handmade kitchen accessories from Lazy R Country Crafts

Stunningly beautiful traditional Appalachian baskets made by local artisan Frances Radford
I've expanded the crafts at the shop and now have these lovely items made by local artisans, along with the lovely yarns from local handspinners and farmers. I will probably expand the crafts with a few carefully selected lines next year. There isn't a great deal of space and I want to continue to represent our talented local workers.

Romance by George Barr McCutcheon
The shelves are full of books at the shop and I've listed over 1300 books on our sales website. Cataloging, pricing and photographing books takes a lot of time but I enjoy the process and I always feel like I'm learning something nearly every day.

New girls in town
The Buff Orpingtons in my flock are getting older and with this last molt, they don't appear to be interested in egg laying anymore. A local farmer had these lovely girls for sale so I went over to Willis and picked them up. They are a mixed group but I'm enjoying the personalities. The white one in the cage is the first silkie I've ever had here.

A good dog
Knightley stays busy greeting customers and protecting the house from deer, squirrels, the lawn man and the fellows that came to pick up the old propane tank this past week. I wasn't here when they came and Knightley had quite a story to tell me when I came home!

Wild blue asters
Fall is a special time in Meadows of Dan, with Pancake Days drawing crowds, leaves tuning and crisp weather bringing in tourists, and wonderful produce available at roadside stands all along the main roads. Winter is coming and things will be quieter, so I'll be spending time spinning, knitting, and getting things ready for another year to come. The rhythm of the seasons.

Greenberry House, 12206 Squirrel Spur Road, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM Saturday to Tuesday. April to mid-November. Closed except by appointment or chance. Mid-November to End of March

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